Terms & Conditions


Here at The Consignment Bar, we guarantee the 100% authenticity of your purchase, or your money back. We value our reputation with our online and local community, and nothing is more important to us than your trust. We do not accept, or sell counterfeited merchandise in our store.

Every item we receive goes through a comprehensive, multi-point inspection to ensure not only the authenticity, but also the quality, and condition that we associate with our brand. Our team is skilled in authenticating, and we also utilize all outside resources available to us. When we have any misgiving regarding an items’ legitimacy, the item is not accepted until all questions and concerns have been addressed and resolved. 

All sales are final, unless for any reason you have received an item that violates our authenticity guarantee. If for any reason, an item you receive from us is deemed inauthentic, and has documentation to confirm this, your money will be refunded back to you.

To ensure your happiness with each beautiful handbag and accessory you purchase from us, we work hard to detail all specifics on each item. These include: pictures, measurements, and descriptions, along with any other necessary or relevant information unique to the item. We strive to place all of this information readily at your disposal to guarantee that you can know as much about your purchase before it arrives. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, please feel free to contact us with questions about any item at info@consignmentbar.com.

As a resale shop, we are not affiliated with the brands represented in our inventory or on our site. All designer names, logos and other insignia, are trademarks of each corresponding brand.

We do our best to ensure the details of each of our listings are free of error. The Consignment Bar will, at any point, correct any errors whether typographical or otherwise when required. If these issues are present within a sales transaction we will make every effort to resolve the matter.